Plaster Repairs

Repairing or replacing plaster walls and ceilings is one of the most common services homeowners need. Plaster is very frequently damaged by mold, fires, and floods, and sometimes just by age or by someone stepping through a ceiling, so it is not rare to require some plaster repair every once in a while. Remember, if there are signs of water damage on your plaster, it is necessary to correct the source of the damage before beginning your plaster repair, so that it does not get ruined by a continuing leak.

Drywall replaced plaster as the main stay for wall covering during World War II due to labor shortages and the fact that a house could have drywall installed in a fraction of the time and cost of installing plaster. There are many types of plaster systems but from the wall studs out you have either lath, wire mesh, or what is called “button board” attached to the studs or floor joists. On that subsurface one or two layers of a scratch coat was applied. Finally a thin layer of plaster like what old fashioned casts to set broken bones were made of was applied as a finish coat.

If your home is in need of a plaster repair and you want a true repair truly done of old fashioned plaster, you can find craftsmen who will do it but it will be very expensive as it is a “dying” trade. At Westchester County Handyman Connection we repair plaster the way most contractors repair it currently. If you have superficial damage, it can be removed and filled in with drywall compound or plaster. If you have a hole or more serious damage, we cut out the area, install a piece of drywall and then install drywall compound or plaster over the patch. In either case, once the repair is done, one cannot tell the difference between the repaired area and the original wall or ceiling.

Sometimes plaster begins to “delaminate,” the various layers start coming apart from each other and a ceiling will sag or a wall will bulge. One can also have plaster that has cracked everywhere due to various causes. At this point you have two choices, rip it all out or go over it. Tearing out old plaster is very messy. Also, most houses with plaster have lead paint on the walls or ceiling, so if you are going to go the rip out route you will need to have it done by a contractor that is lead paint certified. What we normally do in these circumstances is go over the plaster with ¼” drywall.

If you need a plaster repair our expert craftsmen are here to help. With the experience and professionalism of Handyman Connection of Westchester County, your plaster repair work will be completed at a very high standard.

If you have any questions or you’re ready to have some plaster work completed, give us a call at 914-345-1155.

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