Driveway Maintenance

One of the most expensive exterior components of your home is its driveway. Driveways can be made of many materials; this article will address the two most common, concrete and asphalt. While your driveway does not require the relatively regular maintenance of your deck or your landscaping, it does require periodic care.

As with many other elements of your home, your driveway’s main enemy is water. In the New York area with its winter season, a driveway that is not sealed against water penetration is going to be subject to deterioration. Water that gets into your home’s driveway in the winter and spring goes through freezing and thawing cycles that can break even the strongest concrete and has no problem whatsoever breaking driveway asphalt.. Proof of this is as near as the nearest pothole on a concrete highway. That concrete is many times stronger than that of your driveway, but even that concrete cannot withstand water penetration with its accompanying freezing/thaw cycles in the winter and spring.

To keep your home’s driveway in tip top shape it is simply a matter of closing any cracks where water may penetrate. If ever an ounce of prevention was worth a pound of cure, maintaining your home’s driveway is the poster child. Driveway problems caught early have material costs that are ridiculously inexpensive.

A concrete driveway with even quite a few cracks can be patched for less than $20 in materials. Even the most expensive driveway sealer for asphalt driveways costs $30 for a five gallon pail that covers 300-400 sq. ft depending on the condition of your driveway. Spend $20-30 on crack filler and 3-5 hours of work (in most cases) once every 4-5 years and your asphalt driveway will last for as long as you own your home.  The choice is simple, spend at most a few hundred dollars maintaining your driveway or spend multiple thousands replacing it.

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