Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Are you dissatisfied with the curb appeal of your house? Don’t feel like you need to make any rash decisions like moving! Adding a few changes to the street view of your house may be just what you need.

Sprucing up your front door is one of the fastest and easiest ways to inexpensively add curb appeal to your home. Painting your existing door, or replacing it with an entirely new one may be just the change your house was looking for. Handyman Connection of Westchester County is your local expert in all home improvement projects and painting services. If you decide to keep your existing door but change the color, pick one that stands out as an accent, not a color that stands out awkwardly! If you decide to get a brand new door, it gives you more options in terms of what type of door or doors you are looking for.

If you want to add more flair to your curb appeal, then providing painting services to your house might be the perfect option. Spruce up your surroundings by picking a different color than the color that was previously adorning the exterior walls of your home. Finding a complimentary color for the trim is key to accentuating the design and curb appeal of your abode. Waiting to paint or re-paint your house until there are signs of wear and tear could make your easy job a difficult one, so be sure to re-paint before your previous coat begins to peel. This is especially an issue with homes built before 1972, when lead paint was outlawed. (Google EPA Lead Paint for further information on lead paint.)

Trim overgrown plantings on the front of the home. If they have gotten too big, take them out and start fresh. While landscaping and trees can add thousands of dollars to your home value, if your landscaping has morphed into a jungle, it can just as easily significantly diminish your home’s value.

Decks are perfect for sunny weather, lazy Sunday afternoons, and hanging outside with your friends. They are also in perfect position to get beaten down on by the sun’s harmful rays and the winter’s harsh weather so be sure to keep your deck maintenance up if you want your home’s curb appeal to shine! Every other summer you should think about dedicating at least a weekend or two to re-staining and re-sealing your deck. Paint pads and rollers do a great job of sealing your deck and don’t require half as much work as staining or sealing with a brush. If you need a project over summer, think about adding a wing to your deck to enlarge it into two areas instead of one!

Increasing your curb appeal can be a fun and exciting way to help change the look of your home, make a plan to put these projects in motion and if you need any help be sure to give Handyman Connection of Westchester County a call at 914-345-1155 for a free estimate!

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